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    Whether you have a large range or a small microwave…

    We can return them to their original glory with our efficient and eco-friendly cleaning techniques.


    Microwave Cleaning

    Can be the forgotten appliance when it comes to cleaning yet how often does it get used? A thorough, hygienic clean by us will remove baked in splashes, banish lingering odours and revitalise your kitchen companion back to life.

    Prices start from £15

    Oven Cleaning

    They are a focal point in any kitchen but do you close your eyes when you open the oven door, afraid of what you may see inside? After a thorough deep clean by Oven Time 2 Shine you can look forward to having your eyes opened to an inviting, good as new oven.

    Prices start from £45

    AGA Cleaning

    Your aga is like a family heirloom, treasured and loved for many years. Let us lavish care and attention on this cherished kitchen possession. When we have finished you will feel that we have taken years off it.

    Prices start from £85

    Range Cleaning

    The excellent family ‘all rounder’ that cooks everything and takes pride of place in many kitchens of busy homes. Don’t take it for granted any longer, let us give it that much needed spring clean.

    Prices start from £75

    Hob Cleaning

    Remember when your hob looked like this? With careful cleaning using our specially formulated products we can restore your hob back to its former glory.

    Prices start from £15

    Extractor Hood Cleaning

    Do you think that your extractor is working to its full capacity? We will clean away collected grease and dirt, change the filter (if applicable) and afterwards it may surprise you what a difference there will be.

    Prices start from £15

    BBQ Cleaning

    Everybody loves a BBQ with family and friends, but NOBODY enjoys cleaning it! Let us take care of it for you and restore it to great condition.

    Prices start from £45

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